I’ve always dreamed of riding a bike around America, route 66 and all that. I guess that’s what got me into it. I was never brought up on bikes, my parents always discouraged the idea of it. They were speaking from experience too, my Dad broke his leg on a bike, my uncle died in a bike crash when he was 18 and my mum must have seen all sorts of bike accidents in her years as a nurse. I still wanted to get on a bike, because it makes me happy, it lets me see more of the world and go on more adventures. I’m always chasing that adventure.

I got my bike license in 2012. I had my first lesson in August and I was passing my test in torrential conditions in December. I wanted to buy a bike but was convinced by my parents and my girlfriend at the time to buy a car first and then get a bike later. So I got a car and 3 years later I finally got a bike. I was caught up in the daily 9-5 and routine life that stopped me from getting a bike. But, since I’ve moved to Spain a bike is the perfect choice of transport for the mountainous roads and stunning scenery. So while back in the UK for Christmas I treated myself to a bike.

It’s my first proper bike so it’s nothing special, but’s it’s fun to ride and it goes. I learnt on a Honda CB500 and I was told by my instructor to get something bigger than a 500 as I’ll end up getting bored of it. Well, I didn’t stray too far from the Honda CB500, I got myself a Suzuki GSR600. A solid Japanese bit of bike that looks nice, rides nice and is nice. I wanted something that was reliable, easy to fix and sexy.

Max power 88 bhp
Max torque 44 ft-lb
Top speed 138 mph
1/4-mile acceleration 11.8 secs
Average fuel consumption 44 mpg
Tank range 160 miles
Engine size 599cc
Engine type 16v in-line four, 6 gears
Frame type Aluminium twin spar
Fuel capacity 16.5 litres
Seat height 785mm

Like I said, it’s nothing special to the experienced bike but it’s perfect for someone who is beginning their bike adventure. One day I’ll upgrade to a nice Triumph, but for now, she’ll do nicely.