Buying Your First Motorbike

Ready to buy your first real bike? Here are some of the best motorcycles for honing your riding skills. I would suggest keeping your first bike for 2 years, getting use to road and the ride. You’ll also likely have some knocks and drops so you don’t want to fork out a fortune on your dream bike until you’re an established rider who won’t fuck up something so beautiful.

We’re talking your full unrestricted license here. I learnt to ride on a HondaCB500 and my instructor told me not to get anything under 500cc otherwise I’ll get bored. He was right. My first bike was a Suzuki GSR600, nice and reliable and a lot of fun. These Japanese bikes are bulletproof too, so you won’t have to worry about the expense of repairs.

Here are some top choices that will help ease you into the world of motorcycling. If you’re looking for your first bike, you won’t go wrong with these machines.

Harley-Davidson Street 750

If you’re into your cruisers and have your heart set on a Harley Davidson (which many riders do) then the Street 750 is a new type of Harley with user-friendly handling and a water-cooled V-twin engine. It still sounds like your usual chopper and looks the part. It won’t break the bank either – the affordability (and finance deals) on the Street 750 will surprise you.


Suzuki SV650

The Suzuki SV650 is one of the most trusted beginners’ big bikes. It has an enviable heritage and the model builds upon this by combining the new-rider-friendly setup with contemporary styling. The V-twin engine is packed with technology and it sounds great. These are a lot of fun to ride and they are reliable. The can cost more than you’re usual first bike but it’s not out of reach. This is the sort of bike that will turn you into a Suzuki fan for life.


Kawasaki Z650

The term Universal Japanese Motorcycle (UJM) refers to a very specific type of motorcycle made by a variety of Japanese manufactures in the 1970s and 1980s. The Kawasaki Z650 is powered by a carburetted, air-cooled engine wrapped in a steel-tube cradle-type frame with at least one disc brake to bring it all to a stop. This simple design makes motorcycling accessible to riders of all types and skill sets, making it a great choice for new riders. The bike is fairly inexpensive and reliable and has just the right amount of power.


Suzuki GS500

It’s not the best bike ever made, but it might be the best beginner bike. This is a very affordable first bike and they are easy to find. You can enjoy a satisfying riding experience on one of these machines and with a 500cc engine you have some decent power to improve your riding skills. This is a solid bike that will get you to grips with the road and won’t break the bank so when you drop it, scratch and abuse it, you won’t be in tears.


Kawasaki NINJA 300 

If you like your sport bikes then you’ve probably been drawn to powerful sport bikes that can be a little too hot to handle for first time riders. However, the 296cc Kawasaki Ninja brings looks and power together to satisfy your need for speed without putting you in an overly dangerous situation. The engine has Digital Fuel Injection technology for enhanced throttle response and excellent fuel efficiency (up to 66 mpg).


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