Motorbiking Europe

Dijon to Trier (via Nancy and Luxemburg)

I had a long journey ahead, I continued north to Nancy, the sun was beaming down again after some chilly days. I hit the highway for much of the ride to Nancy and made it there around midday. I parked in the centre of town and immediately stopped off for a cold French beer in the market square.

Nancy blew me away, it’s a beautiful place and another place I’d love to go back to. I walked around for a few hours before getting back on the Suzuki GSR and riding toward Luxemburg. The weather got worse as I closed in on Luxemburg and so did the traffic.

Motorbiking Europe

I parked up and took stroll around the place. It was a very gothic place and didn’t have too much to offer so I was only there a few hours. I was running out of daylight. I had tried to book a room there in the morning but it was so expensive that I research what was around and came across Trier in Germany which was only 45 minutes away.

Trier had the best preserved Roman Ruins in Europe so I booked a Room there instead. I left Luxemburg and made it to Trier shortly after. I checked in to a fantastic (and well-priced) hotel and chilled for a bit before heading out to check out the town and grabbing some food. It was one of the best meals I’d ever had!


Trier to Lille (via Bastogne)

I absolutely loved Trier, it was only a very small town but it felt like a real ‘German’ place rather than those overly touristy locations. I commenced my ride towards Bastogne. I knew this place to be famous because of the Battle of the Bulge which took place there. I was keen to see if for myself. I rode through small Belgium towns that seemed like they hadn’t changed much since the war. I even rode past a statue of General S Patton who had liberated that town.

I stopped for a photo and continued to Bastogne. I rode through magnificent forests with roads that seemed completely desolate. It was just me and the road. I made it to Bastogne and grabbed some food before riding to a famous war museum which wasn’t far from the Battle of the Bulge. I learnt a lot from the museum and paid my respects at the on-site memorial.

I made my way to where the Battle of the Bulge took place. I walked around and noticed the many plaques that remembered the fallen. There was an episode of Band of Brothers which was set on the Battle of the Bulge, it was the one where it was snowing and they had to fight from the fox holes. I was in awe of being in the location where such a bloody battle took place.


I started my way towards Lille, I had a lot of miles to cover and it was already late afternoon. There were no highways for a while so I had to ride steady on desolate roads which I fucking loved. But, I knew I would run out of daylight before I reached Lille.

I was on the home stretch and only had another night before I’d be back in England. I made the most of the ride, enjoying every moment. Belgium is built for bikes and it’s a place I will return again for a tour. Once I got to the north of Belgium I hopped on the highway and made my way to Lille. I made it to the highway before dark. I reached Lille a while later and checked straight in to my hostel.

Lille to London (via Dunkirk)

I spent the morning exploring Lille with what time I had. Every time I explored a new place I always had my bike at the back of mind, looking forward to jumping on and exploring on two wheels. It got me excited, there really isn’t much better than touring around new places on a motorcycle. I left Lille and went to Dunkirk, I had some time before the ferry back to Dover. Dunkirk was only 45 minutes from Dover so I parked up by the beach and had a wonder.

The beach was covered in smoke as they were shooting the Dunkirk movie, directed by Christopher Nolan. I watched them shoot footage for a bit and then went to McDonalds for some food. I was so close to the end of my trip that I got a little sad. I was excited to go back but I was sad that my adventure was coming to an end. I was so happy with myself for doing it. I was already planning my next ride in the back of my head. I took the highway back to Calais and boarded the ferry back the UK. I would be home within a few hours. I had completed my tour without anything bad happening so I was pleased with that. Check out the documentary and enjoy the tour for yourself!

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