Review: Honda CB125F

Review: Honda CB125F

Review of the Honda CB125F: Reliable and durable

The Honda CB125F is a popular entry-level motorcycle designed to cater to new riders and urban commuters seeking a reliable and efficient two-wheeler. Launched as an updated version of the CB125, this bike features a perfect blend of practicality and sporty flair. With its modern design, smooth engine performance, agile handling, and user-friendly features, the CB125F has become a preferred choice for riders of all ages. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the design and appearance, engine and performance, chassis and handling, electronics and technology, comfort and ergonomics, specifications, riding experience, and conclude with an overview of the Honda CB125F.

🔥 Design and Appearance

The Honda CB125F exhibits a contemporary and appealing design that sets it apart in the 125cc segment. The bike features sleek lines, a well-contoured fuel tank, and an angular headlight, lending it a sporty and youthful appearance. Despite being an entry-level machine, Honda has paid attention to the finer details, resulting in a visually pleasing motorcycle. The overall design strikes a harmonious balance between sophistication and modernity, appealing to a wide range of riders. With its premium finishes and quality construction, the CB125F stands out as an attractive option for those seeking a stylish and practical commuter.

⚙️ Engine and Performance

Powering the Honda CB125F is a 124cc air-cooled, single-cylinder engine, delivering modest yet sufficient power for city commuting and short journeys. The engine’s smooth power delivery and manageable torque make it an ideal choice for new riders and urban dwellers. Although it may not boast top-tier performance, the CB125F compensates with its fuel efficiency and ease of use. The engine’s frugal nature allows riders to cover long distances without frequent refueling stops, adding to the bike’s practicality for daily commuting.

🛞 Chassis and Handling

The CB125F boasts a robust and well-engineered chassis that offers a balance of stability and agility. The bike’s lightweight frame contributes to nimble handling, making it effortless to maneuver through city traffic and tight spaces. The front telescopic forks and twin rear shock absorbers provide a comfortable and controlled ride, effectively absorbing road imperfections and contributing to a smooth journey. Whether navigating crowded streets or taking on open highways, the CB125F’s chassis and handling instill confidence in riders of all skill levels.

Electronics and Technology

As an entry-level motorcycle, the Honda CB125F features a simple yet effective set of electronics and technology. The bike comes equipped with a basic instrument cluster that displays essential information such as speed, fuel level, and odometer readings. While it may not offer advanced electronic rider aids, the CB125F provides everything a new rider needs for a straightforward and enjoyable riding experience. This simplicity in technology ensures that riders can focus on the road and the joy of motorcycling without being overwhelmed by complex features.

🏍️ Comfort and Ergonomics

The Honda CB125F prioritizes rider comfort with its well-thought-out ergonomic design. The upright riding position, spacious and well-padded seat, and thoughtfully positioned footpegs contribute to a relaxed posture, reducing fatigue during long rides or daily commutes. The bike’s handlebars are well within reach, ensuring a comfortable and confident grip. Additionally, the CB125F’s smooth clutch and light controls make city riding effortless, further enhancing the overall comfort and ease of operation.


Engine: 124cc air-cooled, single-cylinder

Power: Approximately 10.5 hp

Torque: Approximately 10.2 Nm

Transmission: 5-speed manual

Fuel Capacity: 13 liters

Weight: Approximately 128 kg

How does the Honda CB125F Ride?

The Honda CB125F delivers a smooth and enjoyable riding experience, particularly suited for new riders and city commuters. The engine provides adequate power for urban riding and leisurely trips, while the lightweight chassis makes handling a breeze, even for those new to motorcycling. The CB125F’s agility and balanced weight distribution instill confidence in riders, contributing to a sense of control and stability on the road.

In city traffic, the CB125F effortlessly weaves through cars and obstacles, thanks to its nimble handling and responsive controls. The smooth clutch and precise gearbox make shifting gears seamless, making stop-and-go traffic less demanding. On open highways, the bike maintains a steady and comfortable cruising speed, allowing riders to enjoy longer journeys without feeling strained.

The CB125F’s fuel efficiency is commendable, ensuring riders can cover significant distances without worrying about frequent fuel stops. Additionally, the bike’s comfortable seating position and responsive controls contribute to a pleasant and stress-free riding experience, even during extended periods on the road.


The Honda CB125F is a commendable entry-level motorcycle that caters to new riders and urban commuters seeking a reliable and efficient two-wheeler. With its stylish design, smooth engine performance, agile handling, and user-friendly features, the CB125F offers an enjoyable and practical riding experience. While it may lack advanced electronics and high-performance capabilities, it compensates with its fuel efficiency, ease of use, and comfort. As an ideal stepping stone into the world of motorcycling, the Honda CB125F provides a reliable and approachable option for those seeking a versatile and efficient commuter. Whether navigating city streets or embarking on leisurely rides, the Honda CB125F shines as a capable and attractive choice for riders of all ages and experience levels.

Score: 87/100

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