Review: KTM 1290 Super Adventure

KTM 1290 Super Adventure Review
 The KTM 1290 Super Adventure, a flagship model in the adventure touring segment, represents the epitome of KTM’s dedication to engineering excellence and innovation. With a focus on conquering both the open road and challenging terrains, the 1290 Super Adventure combines power, technology, and versatility into a single package. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the design, engine performance, handling capabilities, technological features, comfort and ergonomics, specifications, and overall riding experience that the KTM 1290 Super Adventure offers. By examining its features and analyzing its on-road and off-road prowess, we aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of this exceptional adventure touring motorcycle.

🔥 Design and Appearance

The design philosophy of the KTM 1290 Super Adventure is rooted in functionality and aggression, resulting in a motorcycle that exudes both strength and purpose. The robust front fairing, tall windscreen, and dominant stance command attention, while the exposed trellis frame adds a touch of ruggedness to its appearance.

The 1290 Super Adventure’s appearance is characterized by its muscular lines, dynamic angles, and attention to detail. Every component is meticulously crafted, from the LED lighting to the aerodynamically optimized bodywork.

While the 1290 Super Adventure radiates strength and capability, it also possesses a level of sophistication that underscores its road-going prowess.

⚙️ Engine and Performance

Powering the KTM 1290 Super Adventure is a 1301cc, V-twin engine that delivers a symphony of power and torque. With a power output of around 160 bhp and a torque of 140 Nm, the engine offers exhilarating acceleration and a top speed that is both impressive and imposing.

The V-twin configuration provides a distinctive exhaust note and a broad torque curve, allowing for smooth power delivery and immediate response across the rev range. The engine’s electronic management system ensures optimal performance in various riding conditions, making it suitable for both highway cruising and off-road adventures.

🛞 Chassis and Handling

The 1290 Super Adventure’s chassis and handling characteristics are a testament to KTM’s off-road expertise and commitment to performance. The steel trellis frame provides a solid foundation for stability and control, while the long-travel suspension setup, featuring inverted forks at the front and a monoshock at the rear, allows the motorcycle to tackle diverse terrains with ease.

The motorcycle’s handling is marked by its agility and precision, whether navigating through tight corners or traversing open highways. The Brembo braking system, equipped with high-performance calipers and discs, delivers exceptional stopping power and control.

The 1290 Super Adventure’s off-road capabilities are further enhanced by its generous ground clearance and advanced suspension settings, making it a formidable companion for off-road explorations.

Electronics and Technology

The KTM 1290 Super Adventure incorporates a comprehensive suite of electronics and technology that enhance both safety and performance. These features include:

Riding Modes: The motorcycle offers multiple riding modes, allowing riders to adjust power delivery, traction control, and ABS settings based on their preferences and riding conditions.

Cornering ABS: The advanced ABS system adjusts its intervention based on lean angle, providing maximum braking performance while cornering.

Traction Control: The traction control system prevents wheel spin on varying surfaces, enhancing grip and stability.

Cruise Control: The cruise control system maintains a set speed, allowing riders to enjoy long highway stretches without constant throttle input.

🏍️ Comfort and Ergonomics

The KTM 1290 Super Adventure is designed with rider comfort in mind, making it an ideal choice for extended journeys. The upright riding position reduces strain on the wrists and back, allowing riders to maintain comfort during long rides.

The well-padded seat, adjustable windscreen, and wide handlebars contribute to an enjoyable and relaxed riding experience. The motorcycle’s rider triangle promotes a natural and upright posture, making it suitable for both short commutes and extended adventures.


Engine: 1301cc, V-twin

Transmission: 6-speed

Frame: Steel trellis

Suspension: Inverted forks (front), monoshock (rear)

Brakes: Brembo calipers, dual discs (front), single disc (rear)

Seat Height: 860mm

Fuel Capacity: 23 liters

Weight: 217 kg (dry weight)

How does the KTM 1290 Super Adventure Ride?

The KTM 1290 Super Adventure offers a commanding and exhilarating riding experience that caters to both road enthusiasts and off-road adventurers. The V-twin engine’s power and torque delivery provide a thrilling acceleration that is complemented by a responsive throttle and a distinctive exhaust note.

The motorcycle’s handling characteristics are versatile and agile, whether carving through corners or navigating through challenging trails. The advanced electronics, including cornering ABS and traction control, enhance rider confidence and safety in various riding conditions.

On the road, the 1290 Super Adventure excels at both highway cruising and spirited riding. The long-travel suspension and comfortable ergonomics ensure a smooth and controlled ride, while the cruise control system adds convenience during long stretches.


In conclusion, the KTM 1290 Super Adventure stands as a pinnacle of adventure touring motorcycles, embodying the spirit of exploration, performance, and innovation. Its bold design, powerful engine, and advanced electronics make it a standout in its segment.

The 1290 Super Adventure’s ability to conquer both asphalt and dirt is a testament to KTM’s commitment to producing motorcycles that excel in various environments.

With its technological advancements, rider-focused ergonomics, and off-road capabilities, the KTM 1290 Super Adventure offers a well-rounded and exhilarating riding experience that is unrivaled in the adventure touring category.

For those seeking a motorcycle that blends power, versatility, and cutting-edge technology, the KTM 1290 Super Adventure is an embodiment of adventure without limits, inviting riders to explore the unknown with confidence and excitement.

Score: 68/100

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