I always wanted a motorbike. I want to say goodbye to traffic and explore the new and exciting places on two wheels. I want to hop on and drive to Scotland, France, Belgium, Spain, just with a backpack and a camera.

I was determined to get my license. I blocked out the moaning from my parents and booked my CBT.  A couple of weeks later I did my CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) at a cost of £120. I could now drive a bike up to 125 cc with a L-plate. Not interested, I booked some lessons and took one two-hour lesson every two weeks for three months. With each two-hour lesson costing £60 it totalled to £360 in lessons. I had a lesson or two on a 125cc before moving onto a Honda CB500. During that time I had already booked and taken my motorbike theory test at a cost of £35. Having been a driver for over seven years it was a breeze to pass.

I booked my module 1 test. I watched hours of YouTube videos on the module 1 test to prepare myself. When the day arrived it was torrential rain, I still passed. I was one test away from my license. My instructor turned up an hour late on test day (the fat idiot). I had to bomb it from Hemel Hempstead to Aylesbury at 90 mph. I was supposed to have a lesson before my test but we didn’t have time for that now. I arrived at the test centre and managed to just pass with 9 minors. 1 more minor would have seen me fail. It didn’t matter. I have my full motorcycle license and can now drive any bike I want.

To get your full motorcycle license you don’t need a motorbike – the school will provide you with one. All you need to do is…

Do the CBT – £120

Get some lessons – £400

Do the theory test – £35

Do the Module 1 test – £75

Do the Module 2 test – £90