I’ve been on many long distant rides and I’ve never packed more than a backpack worth. That may mean taking one pair of jeans and whatnot but the less you pack, the better the ride. I have a small tank bag that has my cameras, charger and phone for directions (I use GPS app for directions).

I travelled across Europe for 2 weeks, visiting 10 countries with no more than a backpack and small tank bag. Although I’d prefer not to have the backpack on my shoulders when I ride, it did allow me to pack very light. If you’re planning a long-distance motorcycle ride in the near future, maybe this will help you decide how to approach it.

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Don’t plan more than a day ahead.

Obviously, you need to plan to some extent, but if you have an idea of what you want to do then that’s enough. I never knew where I would be the next day so I planned the day’s ride in the morning. I’d book a hotel in the destination I wanted to reach and allow enough time to reach the destination before sundown. Then I could hit the road and enjoy the ride. Obviously, you want to avoid motorways and ride on those bike friendly roads.

Take a portable charger

This is a lifesaver, I got myself a small portable charger from Amazon (£25) to charge my phone (which I used for directions). This kept me going on long rides. Make sure you keep charging it when you make it to the hotels. Once you’re out of juice, you’ll have a lot more trouble with directions!

Take a camera and use it!

Take photos of the journey (even if you’re on your own!) I took all the photos of me riding and they look pretty damn cool don’t they (just see below)! Take a photo at each stop — including state lines, historic roadways, and noteworthy locations.

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Pack only the essentials

Be ruthless here. Take the clothes you need to keep warm, one pair of bike trousers that can double up as everyday trousers, a few socks, a few pants, a toothbrush, camera, phone, water and a paper map. I can’t think of much more you would need. Forget towels, shampoos and all that shit. Everything else is a waste of space. Leave the crap at home. Traveling light is liberating and it takes way less time to pack and unpack the bike twice a day.

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