Review: Can-Am Spyder

Review: Can-Am Spyder

The Can-Am Spyder is a unique and thrilling machine that defies traditional motorcycle conventions. With its three-wheel design, it offers a different kind of riding experience that’s both exhilarating and accessible. The Spyder blurs the lines between motorcycles and open-top sports cars, providing riders with the freedom of the open road while adding a new dimension of stability and control. In this comprehensive review, we’ll explore the Spyder’s design, performance, technology, comfort, and overall riding experience, uncovering why this three-wheeler has become a symbol of adventure and fun on the road.

Design and Appearance

The Can-Am Spyder is a head-turner, combining a futuristic and sporty design with distinctive features that set it apart from both motorcycles and cars.

Exterior Design: The Spyder’s bodywork is sleek and aerodynamic, making it appear like it’s in constant motion even when standing still. The front end features a dual headlamp setup with a bold grille, giving it an aggressive and modern look.

Unique Three-Wheel Design: The Spyder’s most distinctive feature is its three-wheel configuration, with two wheels in the front and one in the rear. This design offers stability and a sense of control not found in traditional two-wheel motorcycles.

Wide Rear Wheel: The Spyder’s wide rear wheel not only enhances stability but also contributes to its sporty appearance. The rear fender and taillights are well-integrated, adding to its modern aesthetic.

Comfortable Seating: The rider’s seat is well-padded and contoured for comfort during long rides. The passenger seat is equally comfortable, ensuring both occupants enjoy the journey.

Practical Cargo Space: Some Spyder models come equipped with spacious and lockable cargo compartments. These compartments are ideal for carrying luggage, groceries, or any items you might need during your ride.

Engine and Performance

The Can-Am Spyder offers a thrilling and spirited performance that’s designed to bring a smile to your face on the open road.

Engine: The Spyder is powered by a choice of engines, including a Rotax 900 ACE engine with a displacement of 900cc or a Rotax 1330 ACE engine with a displacement of 1,330cc. Both engines are known for their reliability and smooth operation.

Performance: The performance of the Spyder depends on the engine you choose. The Rotax 900 ACE engine produces around 77 horsepower, while the larger Rotax 1330 ACE engine generates approximately 115 horsepower. Both engines offer strong acceleration and power delivery.

Automatic Transmission: The Spyder features an automatic transmission, which makes riding more accessible and user-friendly for those who may be new to motorcycles. The transmission is responsive and smooth, enhancing the overall riding experience.

Responsive Throttle: The Spyder’s throttle response is precise and predictable, making it easy for riders to control and enjoy the acceleration and overtaking power.

Exhaust Note: The Spyder’s exhaust note is unique and distinctive, with a sporty and satisfying growl that complements its performance characteristics.

Chassis and Handling

The Can-Am Spyder is built with stability and control in mind, thanks to its three-wheel design and advanced engineering.

Chassis: The Spyder’s chassis is constructed using a steel frame that provides stability and support for the three-wheel configuration. The design ensures that the Spyder remains planted and balanced during rides.

Front Suspension: At the front, the Spyder features a double A-arm front suspension. This system enhances handling and control, particularly during cornering.

Rear Suspension: The rear suspension is designed to offer a comfortable and smooth ride. The combination of the front and rear suspension systems ensures that the Spyder handles various road conditions with ease.

Brakes: The Spyder is equipped with powerful Brembo brakes that deliver consistent and controlled stopping power. The three-wheel setup also contributes to stable braking, even in emergency situations.

Wheels and Tires: The Spyder rides on stylish and durable wheels, with wide and grippy tires designed for both stability and performance.

Comfortable Seating: The seats on the Spyder are comfortable and well-padded, providing a supportive and enjoyable riding experience. The rider and passenger seats are designed for long journeys.

Responsive Handling: The three-wheel design offers a high level of stability and control, particularly at low speeds and during maneuvers. Riders who may have concerns about balancing a two-wheeled motorcycle will appreciate the Spyder’s responsive and predictable handling.

Electronics and Technology

The Can-Am Spyder is equipped with a range of modern technology features to enhance the riding experience.

Infotainment System: Some Spyder models come with an advanced infotainment system. It features a large touchscreen display with navigation, music, communication, and vehicle information. This system provides entertainment and convenience for the rider and passenger.

Rider Aids: The Spyder is equipped with various rider aids, including stability control and traction control. These features enhance safety and provide riders with added confidence on the road.

Keyless Ignition: The motorcycle features keyless ignition, allowing riders to start and stop the bike without removing the key fob from their pocket, a convenient feature for easy and quick access.

Safety Systems: The Spyder is equipped with safety features such as ABS and a Vehicle Stability System. These systems enhance rider safety and help protect the motorcycle from skidding and tipping.

Comfort and Ergonomics

The Can-Am Spyder is designed with rider and passenger comfort in mind, making it ideal for long journeys and extended rides.

Plush Seats: The seats on the Spyder are plush and supportive. They are well-padded to reduce rider fatigue during extended rides. The passenger seat is equally comfortable, ensuring an enjoyable experience for both occupants.

Spacious Cockpit: The cockpit of the Spyder is roomy, with an upright riding posture. Riders have plenty of space to stretch out and get comfortable, even during long journeys.

Passenger Comfort: The passenger accommodations on the Spyder are impressive. The spacious passenger seat and ample legroom ensure that the passenger enjoys the journey as much as the rider.

Cargo Space: Some Spyder models feature lockable cargo compartments that provide ample storage for luggage and other items. This additional space is valuable for touring enthusiasts who need to carry gear.


Engine Rotax ACE
Displacement 900cc or 1,330cc
Power 77 hp or 115 hp
Torque 67 lb-ft or 96 lb-ft
Transmission 6-speed semi-automatic
Frame Steel frame
Suspension Double A-arm front suspension (front), Monoshock rear suspension (rear)
Brakes Brembo dual 270mm hydraulic discs (front) 270mm hydraulic disc (rear)
Wheels  Wide, touring-type tire
Seat Height 30.4 to 30.7 inches
Weight 948 lbs to 1,029 lbs

The Can-Am Spyder offers a one-of-a-kind riding experience that combines the best elements of both motorcycles and sports cars. Here’s how it performs on the road:

Stability: The most noticeable aspect of riding the Spyder is its remarkable stability. The two wheels in the front and the single rear wheel provide a high level of balance and control. This stability is particularly evident at low speeds and during parking lot maneuvers, where the Spyder feels more like a car than a traditional motorcycle.

Powerful Engine: The Spyder’s Rotax engine, whether the 900 ACE or the 1330 ACE, delivers solid power and torque. This power makes acceleration smooth and ensures that you have plenty of passing ability on the highway.

Smooth Transmission: The semi-automatic transmission is user-friendly and ensures that gear changes are seamless. For riders who may be new to motorcycling, this transmission simplifies the riding experience.

Precise Steering: The Spyder’s double A-arm front suspension and responsive steering offer precise control. Riders can confidently navigate twists and turns, and the Spyder handles corners with ease.

Comfortable Seating: The plush and spacious seats, along with the upright riding posture, enhance comfort during long rides. Riders and passengers can enjoy extended journeys without feeling fatigued.

Infotainment System: If equipped with the infotainment system, riders can take advantage of navigation, music, and communication features. The large touchscreen display is easy to use and adds a high-tech element to the riding experience.


The Can-Am Spyder is a revolution in the world of motorcycling, offering a fresh and exciting way to experience the open road. It combines the best elements of motorcycles and open-top sports cars, creating a unique riding experience that’s both accessible and thrilling. The Spyder is a head-turner, boasting a modern and sporty design that’s complemented by advanced technology and rider aids.

With a choice of engines, the Spyder offers powerful performance, ensuring riders have the acceleration and passing power they desire. The automatic transmission simplifies the riding experience, making it approachable for those new to motorcycling.

The Spyder’s three-wheel design offers a remarkable level of stability, whether at high speeds on the highway or during low-speed maneuvers. This aspect, combined with comfortable seating and spacious cargo compartments, makes it an excellent choice for touring enthusiasts.

In summary, the Can-Am Spyder invites riders to redefine their idea of adventure and fun on the road. It’s a vehicle that bridges the gap between motorcycles and sports cars, offering a unique and thrilling journey every time you take the handlebars. For those seeking a fresh and exciting riding experience, the Spyder is a top contender that’s sure to leave a lasting impression.

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