Review: Harley Davidson LiveWire One

Review: Harley Davidson LiveWire One

In the realm of motorcycles, where the rumble of combustion engines is the traditional anthem, the Harley-Davidson LiveWire One steps onto the stage with a silent yet powerful presence. As Harley Davidson’s first foray into the electric motorcycle market, the LiveWire One signifies a significant departure from the brand’s signature V-twin engines. In this comprehensive review, we’ll dissect the LiveWire One across various dimensions, exploring its design, performance, technology, and the unique experience it brings to the rider.

Design and Appearance

The LiveWire One boasts a design that seamlessly blends Harley Davidson’s heritage with a contemporary, futuristic appeal.

Harley DNA: Despite its electric heart, the LiveWire One unmistakably carries the design DNA of a Harley. From the muscular stance to the iconic tank shape, it retains the essence of a classic Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Minimalist Aesthetics: Embracing a minimalist approach, the LiveWire One features clean lines and an uncluttered profile. The absence of a traditional exhaust system and the compact electric drivetrain contribute to its streamlined appearance.

Quality Finishes: Harley-Davidson’s commitment to quality is evident in the finishes and attention to detail. The fit and finish of components, along with the choice of materials, reflect the brand’s dedication to craftsmanship.

LED Lighting: The LiveWire One adopts modern technology with full LED lighting. The distinctive signature lighting adds a touch of modernity, making the motorcycle visually appealing both day and night.

Engine and Performance

At the core of the LiveWire One is a robust electric motor, marking a departure from Harley’s traditional combustion engines.

Electric Powerplant: The LiveWire One is equipped with a high-output permanent-magnet electric motor. This motor delivers instant torque, a characteristic feature of electric motorcycles, providing responsive acceleration.

Performance Figures: The electric motor produces substantial power figures, catapulting the LiveWire One into the realm of high-performance motorcycles. The absence of a gearbox results in smooth, continuous acceleration without the need for shifting.

Range and Charging: Range anxiety has been a common concern for electric motorcycles, but the LiveWire One addresses this with a competitive range. The battery’s capacity, combined with efficient energy management, allows for a respectable distance on a single charge. Charging times vary, and the motorcycle typically supports fast-charging capabilities for quicker top-ups.

Regenerative Braking: Embracing regenerative braking technology, the LiveWire One converts kinetic energy back into electrical energy during deceleration. This not only enhances the motorcycle’s efficiency but also contributes to extended range.

Chassis and Handling

The LiveWire One is built on a chassis designed to offer a balance of stability and agility.

Frame Construction: A lightweight but sturdy frame provides the foundation for the LiveWire One. The frame is engineered to accommodate the unique characteristics and weight distribution of an electric drivetrain.

Suspension System: The motorcycle is equipped with a sophisticated suspension system, usually featuring adjustable components. This allows riders to fine-tune the suspension according to their preferences and the demands of the road.

Braking System: High-performance braking components, often from reputable manufacturers, ensure that the LiveWire One comes to a controlled stop. The integration of advanced braking systems enhances safety and rider confidence.

Wheel and Tire Setup: The choice of wheels and tires is crucial for maintaining traction and stability. The LiveWire One typically features high-quality wheels paired with sporty yet versatile tires, striking a balance between grip and durability.

Agile Handling: With its centralized mass and precise engineering, the LiveWire One exhibits agile handling characteristics. Whether navigating urban streets or carving through winding roads, the motorcycle responds to rider inputs with confidence.

Electronics and Technology

As a flagship electric motorcycle, the LiveWire One is laden with cutting-edge electronics and technology.

Connectivity Features: The LiveWire One often incorporates connectivity features, allowing riders to sync their smartphones with the motorcycle. This connectivity may provide access to navigation, music, and other essential information through an intuitive interface.

Touchscreen Displays: Depending on the variant, the LiveWire One may feature a touchscreen display. This display serves as the central hub for controlling various aspects of the motorcycle, including performance settings and connectivity features.

Riding Modes: To cater to a variety of riding preferences and conditions, the LiveWire One offers selectable riding modes. These modes may alter parameters such as power delivery, regenerative braking intensity, and traction control settings.

Telemetry Systems: Some versions of the LiveWire One come equipped with telemetry systems. These systems record and analyze data related to the motorcycle’s performance, allowing riders to assess and improve their skills.

Keyless Ignition: Many modern motorcycles, including the LiveWire One, feature keyless ignition systems. With the key fob in their pocket, riders can start and stop the motorcycle effortlessly.

Comfort and Ergonomics

Harley-Davidson pays attention to rider comfort, and the LiveWire One is designed with ergonomics in mind.

Ergonomic Riding Position: The LiveWire One typically adopts a riding position that strikes a balance between sportiness and comfort. The handlebars, footpegs, and seat are positioned to accommodate various rider sizes and preferences.

Seat Design: The design of the seat plays a crucial role in long-distance comfort. The LiveWire One often features a well-padded and contoured seat, providing support for both the rider and, if applicable, a passenger.

Wind Protection: Depending on the model, the LiveWire One may incorporate features to enhance wind protection. This could include a well-designed fairing or windscreen to reduce rider fatigue during extended rides.

Quality of Materials: The use of premium materials for the seat, grips, and other touchpoints contributes to a luxurious feel. Quality materials not only enhance comfort but also add to the overall tactile experience.

Adjustable Components: To cater to a wide range of riders, certain versions of the LiveWire One may have adjustable components. These could include adjustable footpegs, handlebars, and suspension settings, allowing riders to customize their riding position.


Engine High-output permanent-magnet electric motor
Displacement Electric
Frame Lightweight but sturdy frame designed for electric drivetrain
Suspension Adjustable inverted forks (front)Adjustable monoshock (rear)
Brakes High-performance disc brakes, with advanced ABS 
Wheels Sporty yet versatile tires
Seat Height Adjustable

How does the Harley Davidson LiveWire One Ride?

Riding the LiveWire One is a transformative experience, redefining preconceived notions about what a Harley-Davidson motorcycle should be.

Instant Torque: Twist the throttle, and the LiveWire One responds with instantaneous torque. The absence of a traditional engine’s lag between throttle input and acceleration is a revelation, delivering a surge of power that is both exhilarating and addicting.

Silent Power: The LiveWire One glides through the streets with a hushed hum, a stark contrast to the thunderous roars associated with Harley-Davidson. The silence allows riders to connect more intimately with their surroundings, hearing the city sounds or the wind’s gentle whisper on open roads.

Smooth Acceleration: With a single-speed transmission, there’s no need to shift gears. The acceleration is seamless, providing a smooth and uninterrupted ride. The absence of gear changes enhances the overall simplicity of the riding experience.

Regenerative Braking: As the rider eases off the throttle, regenerative braking comes into play. The LiveWire One intelligently converts kinetic energy back into electrical energy, simultaneously slowing down the bike and replenishing the battery.

Agile Handling: The LiveWire One is surprisingly nimble. Its centralized mass, coupled with a well-engineered chassis, contributes to agile handling. Whether navigating busy city streets or carving through twisty mountain roads, the motorcycle responds with precision.

Range and Charging: Range anxiety, a common concern with electric vehicles, is mitigated by the LiveWire One’s competitive range. The motorcycle typically supports fast-charging capabilities, reducing downtime during pit stops. Charging infrastructure remains a consideration, but it is progressively expanding.


The Harley-Davidson LiveWire One marks a pivotal moment in the history of Harley-Davidson, steering the legendary brand into the electric future. As a motorcycle, it stands as a testament to innovation, melding the classic allure of Harley with the cutting-edge technology of electric propulsion.


  1. Performance Prowess: The LiveWire One boasts impressive power and torque figures, delivering a thrilling riding experience.
  2. Modern Aesthetics: It successfully marries Harley-Davidson’s classic design elements with a modern and futuristic aesthetic.
  3. Instant Torque: The hallmark of electric motorcycles, the LiveWire One’s immediate torque provides rapid acceleration.
  4. Silent Operation: The hushed hum of the electric motor adds a new dimension to the riding experience, especially in urban environments.
  5. Low Maintenance: Electric motorcycles generally require less maintenance than their combustion counterparts. With fewer moving parts, the LiveWire One offers a hassle-free ownership experience.


  1. Charging Infrastructure: While expanding, the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles is not as ubiquitous as gas stations. Long-distance travel may require strategic planning.
  2. Price Tag: Premium technology comes at a premium price. The LiveWire One’s cost may be a barrier for some riders, although it reflects the advanced engineering and components incorporated into the motorcycle.
  3. Perceived Range Anxiety: Despite advancements in battery technology, concerns about range anxiety persist among potential electric motorcycle buyers. However, this is changing as battery ranges continue to improve.

In conclusion, the Harley-Davidson LiveWire One is more than a motorcycle; it’s a symbol of a brand embracing change. While catering to a new generation of riders, it manages to retain the spirit that has defined Harley-Davidson for decades. For those ready to embrace the electric revolution without sacrificing the essence of a Harley, the LiveWire One beckons as a beacon of innovation and a thrilling ride into the future of motorcycling.

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