Review: Honda Grom

Review: Honda Grom

The Honda Grom, often affectionately referred to as the “Grom,” is a pint-sized powerhouse in the world of motorcycling. Designed to combine the fun and freedom of two wheels with an approachable and compact package, the Grom is the embodiment of joy on two wheels. In this comprehensive review, we’ll take a closer look at the design and appearance, engine and performance, chassis and handling, electronics and technology, comfort and ergonomics, detailed specifications, the riding experience on the Honda Grom, and conclude with a verdict on this small but spirited motorcycle.

Design and Appearance

The Honda Grom possesses a design that’s strikingly distinctive, primarily due to its miniature dimensions. It’s compact, sporty, and stylish, making it an instant head-turner. The Grom may be small, but it carries an aura of playfulness and excitement.

The bike features a minimalist design with a sleek headlight and a simple, uncluttered profile. It typically sports Honda’s logo with its distinctive red and white color scheme, a nod to the brand’s racing heritage. The Grom’s overall look is characterized by its small frame, wide handlebars, and a low-slung appearance.

Despite its petite size, the Grom manages to exude a sense of style and fun. It’s a bike that’s often seen as an open canvas for personalization, with riders adding custom touches to make it truly their own. The Grom’s design encapsulates the essence of accessible and exhilarating riding.

Engine and Performance

The heart of the Honda Grom is a modest yet efficient 124.9cc, air-cooled, single-cylinder engine. While its 9.7 horsepower and 8 lb-ft of torque might seem unimpressive on paper, the Grom’s featherweight construction and compact size allow it to deliver an exhilarating riding experience. It’s a classic example of how a small engine can be incredibly entertaining.

The engine’s performance is characterized by its zippy and responsive nature. It’s designed for quick acceleration and agility, making the Grom a blast to ride in the city. While it may not be suited for high-speed highway cruising, the Grom excels at short sprints, quick maneuvers, and zipping through urban traffic.

A four-speed transmission provides ample versatility, allowing riders to make the most of the engine’s limited power. The Grom’s lightweight build and sprightly engine result in a power-to-weight ratio that’s the recipe for fun.

Chassis and Handling

The Grom is built around a sturdy steel frame that offers stability while maintaining a nimble character. Its compact dimensions make it incredibly maneuverable, whether you’re navigating crowded streets or taking on tight corners. The bike’s small size and light weight are key factors in its agility.

The suspension consists of a 31mm inverted fork at the front and a single shock at the rear. While the suspension travel is limited, it’s tuned to provide a balanced and comfortable ride. The brakes, a single disc at the front and a drum brake at the rear, offer adequate stopping power for the Grom’s intended use.

The handling is where the Grom truly shines. Its nimbleness and flickability are unmatched in its class, making it an excellent choice for urban and suburban riding. Riders can easily dart through traffic, park in tight spaces, and make quick U-turns with minimal effort.

Electronics and Technology

The Honda Grom maintains a basic and practical approach to electronics and technology. It features:

  • Analog Instrument Cluster: The bike is equipped with a simple analog speedometer and an LCD display that provides essential information such as trip mileage, fuel level, and gear position.
  • Fuel Injection: The electronic fuel injection system ensures efficient fuel delivery and optimal throttle response.
  • LED Lighting: Some Grom models are equipped with LED headlights, enhancing visibility while adding a touch of modernity to the bike.

The Grom’s technology is focused on delivering a straightforward and user-friendly experience, reflecting its character as a pure and playful machine.

Comfort and Ergonomics

Despite its small size, the Honda Grom offers a surprisingly comfortable riding experience. The seat is well-padded and accommodating, ensuring that riders can enjoy short rides or longer journeys without discomfort. The ergonomics encourage an upright and relaxed riding posture.

The handlebars are wide and provide excellent control, allowing riders to easily steer the bike. The footpegs offer a neutral position that doesn’t strain the rider’s legs during extended rides. The Grom’s ergonomics are well-suited for a range of riders, including beginners who may find the low seat height and lightweight construction reassuring.


Engine Air-cooled single-cylinder
Displacement 124.9cc
Power Approx. 160 hp
Torque 8 lb-ft
Transmission 4-speed
Frame Steel
Suspension 31mm inverted fork (front), Single shock (rear)
Brakes Disc brake (front), Drum brake (rear)
Wheels 12-inch front and rear
Seat Height Approx. 30 inches
Weight Approx. 229 lbs

How does the Honda Grom Ride?

Riding the Honda Grom is an absolute delight. Its compact size and low seat height make it approachable for riders of all levels, including beginners. The engine, while not a powerhouse, offers enough pep to make city riding a thrilling experience. The Grom’s agility is its defining feature, allowing riders to effortlessly navigate through tight spaces, zip through traffic, and carve through corners with ease.

While the Grom’s small wheels may not be suited for high-speed highway cruising, they contribute to the bike’s nimbleness and fun factor in urban environments. Its light weight makes it easy to handle, even for riders with limited experience. The Grom’s compact dimensions also make it exceptionally easy to park.


The Honda Grom is a tiny titan that captures the essence of pure, unadulterated fun on two wheels. It may not be the fastest or the most powerful bike, but it makes up for it with an unmatched sense of playfulness and exhilaration. It’s a machine that encourages riders to embrace the joy of motorcycling in its simplest and most enjoyable form.

With its small yet spirited engine, exceptional handling, and compact design, the Grom is a perfect urban companion. It excels at short trips, quick runs to the store, and daily commutes. It’s a bike that doesn’t take itself too seriously and reminds riders that motorcycling is all about the thrill of the ride.

In conclusion, the Honda Grom is more than just a small motorcycle; it’s a testament to the idea that size isn’t everything in the world of motorcycling. It’s a pocket-sized package of joy, providing riders with endless smiles and the thrill of the open road. If you’re looking for a bike that’s all about having fun on two wheels, the Grom is an unbeatable choice.

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