Review: Suzuki SV650

Review: Suzuki SV650

The Suzuki SV650 has earned a reputation as a versatile and approachable middleweight motorcycle that caters to a wide range of riders, from beginners to experienced enthusiasts. With a legacy dating back to the late 1990s, the SV650 has evolved over the years while maintaining its core values of agility, performance, and affordability. In this comprehensive review, we’ll delve into the various aspects of the Suzuki SV650, from its design and performance to its comfort and handling, providing an in-depth analysis of why this motorcycle remains a popular choice in the middleweight category.

🔥 Design and Appearance

The Suzuki SV650 boasts a timeless design that balances sportiness with simplicity. The bike’s clean lines and uncluttered aesthetics give it a classic yet contemporary appearance that appeals to a broad audience. The compact and approachable dimensions of the SV650 make it an ideal choice for riders of all skill levels.

The bike’s naked styling showcases its trellis frame, engine components, and minimal bodywork, highlighting the essentials while retaining an air of understated elegance. The SV650’s design may not be overly flashy, but its purposeful and unpretentious aesthetics contribute to its universal appeal.

⚙️ Engine and Performance

At the heart of the Suzuki SV650 lies a 645cc V-twin engine that delivers a balance of power, torque, and smoothness. The engine’s configuration provides a combination of low-end grunt and high-revving excitement, making it suitable for both city commuting and spirited rides on twisty roads.

With approximately 74 horsepower, the SV650 offers sufficient power to keep experienced riders engaged while remaining manageable for newcomers. The engine’s linear power delivery and ample torque ensure responsive acceleration, and the six-speed transmission allows for precise gear changes. Whether you’re navigating through traffic or carving through corners, the SV650’s engine performance remains engaging and enjoyable.

🛞 Chassis and Handling

The Suzuki SV650 features a lightweight trellis frame that contributes to its agility and responsive handling. The bike’s compact dimensions and relatively low weight make it easy to maneuver through city streets and confidently lean into corners. The suspension setup, with a telescopic front fork and a rear monoshock, strikes a balance between comfort and sportiness, offering a controlled ride over varying road surfaces.

The SV650’s 17-inch wheels provide stability and agility, while the front and rear disc brakes offer ample stopping power. The bike’s chassis and handling characteristics make it a versatile companion for both urban commuting and spirited weekend rides.

Electronics and Technology

In terms of electronics and technology, the Suzuki SV650 maintains a straightforward approach that focuses on essential features. The bike comes equipped with ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) as standard, providing enhanced braking performance and control in diverse conditions.

While the SV650 may not boast advanced rider aids found in higher-end models, its simplicity and user-friendly design contribute to an uncluttered riding experience. The inclusion of ABS ensures an added layer of safety without overwhelming riders with unnecessary complexity.

🏍️ Comfort and Ergonomics

The Suzuki SV650 places rider comfort as a priority, with its well-thought-out ergonomics and rider-friendly design. The bike’s upright riding position and wide handlebars offer a comfortable stance that reduces strain on the wrists and back, making it suitable for longer rides and extended journeys.

The two-piece seat provides ample padding for both the rider and a passenger, allowing for a comfortable and enjoyable ride. The SV650’s ergonomic considerations, combined with its approachable power delivery, make it an excellent choice for riders seeking a versatile motorcycle for both daily commuting and weekend adventures.


Engine Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC, V-twin
Displacement 645cc
Power Approx. 74 hp (55 kW)
Torque Approx. 47 lb-ft (64 Nm)
Transmission 6-speed gearbox
Frame Trellis steel
Suspension Telescopic front fork, Rear monoshock
Brakes Front and rear disc brakes with ABS
Wheels 17-inch alloy wheels
Seat Height 30.9 inches (785 mm)
Weight Approx. 430.5 lbs (195.5 kg)

How does the Suzuki SV650 Ride?

The Suzuki SV650 offers an invigorating and dynamic riding experience that aligns with its sporty character. The responsive V-twin engine delivers ample low-end torque, making it easy to navigate through city traffic with minimal gear changes. As the revs climb, the engine’s performance remains engaging, encouraging spirited rides and confident overtakes on highways.

The SV650’s nimble handling and lightweight frame contribute to its agility, allowing riders to confidently lean into corners and weave through traffic. The suspension setup offers a comfortable and controlled ride over varying road conditions, enhancing both urban and sporty riding experiences.


In conclusion, the Suzuki SV650 stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to delivering accessible yet exhilarating motorcycles. With its timeless design, responsive engine, and agile handling, the SV650 offers a well-rounded package that caters to a diverse range of riders.

The bike’s user-friendly ergonomics and approachable performance make it an excellent choice for newer riders seeking a bike to grow into, as well as experienced enthusiasts looking for a versatile and enjoyable middleweight motorcycle. The SV650’s capabilities extend from daily commuting to weekend adventures, making it a compelling option for various riding scenarios.

Overall, the Suzuki SV650 embodies the spirit of a classic sportbike while embracing modern features and technologies that enhance the riding experience. It’s a motorcycle that pays homage to its heritage while remaining relevant and appealing to a wide audience of riders seeking a balance between performance, comfort, and versatility.

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