Review: Yamaha Tracer 700

Review: Yamaha Tracer 700

The Yamaha Tracer 700 is a versatile middleweight sport-touring motorcycle that strikes a balance between sporty performance and long-distance comfort. Born from Yamaha’s sport heritage and touring expertise, the Tracer 700 has garnered attention for its all-around capabilities, making it a popular choice among riders seeking a bike that can handle both spirited rides and extended journeys. In this comprehensive review, we’ll delve into various aspects of the Yamaha Tracer 700, from its design and performance to its comfort and handling, providing an in-depth analysis of why this motorcycle has garnered a dedicated following.

🔥 Design and Appearance

The Yamaha Tracer 700 boasts a dynamic and modern design that blends sporty aggression with touring functionality. The bike’s sharp lines, angular fairings, and aggressive stance give it an unmistakable presence on the road. The front end features dual LED headlights that provide excellent visibility and contribute to the bike’s distinctive look.

The Tracer 700’s design isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s also practical. The adjustable windscreen offers wind protection at higher speeds, while the integrated pannier mounts and optional accessories cater to the needs of touring enthusiasts. With a nod to its sport-touring nature, the Tracer 700 manages to combine practicality with an eye-catching appearance.

⚙️ Engine and Performance

At the heart of the Yamaha Tracer 700 lies a responsive and efficient 689cc inline-twin engine. Derived from Yamaha’s crossplane philosophy, this engine offers a unique firing order that provides smooth power delivery and a characterful exhaust note. With approximately 73 horsepower, the Tracer 700 strikes a balance between power and fuel efficiency.

The engine’s torquey nature makes it suitable for both spirited rides through twisty roads and relaxed cruising on highways. The six-speed transmission allows for precise gear changes, while the slipper clutch enhances control during aggressive downshifting. Whether you’re tackling city traffic or carving through mountain passes, the Tracer 700’s engine performance remains engaging and enjoyable.

🛞 Chassis and Handling

The Yamaha Tracer 700 features a well-engineered chassis that contributes to its versatility and handling prowess. The diamond-type frame provides a balance between rigidity and flexibility, ensuring stability at high speeds and agility in corners. The long-travel suspension offers a comfortable ride over varying road conditions, making it suitable for both urban and touring scenarios.

The Tracer 700’s 17-inch wheels provide a balance between stability and maneuverability, and the dual front disc brakes deliver strong stopping power when needed. The chassis and suspension setup strike a harmonious balance between sporty agility and touring comfort, allowing riders to confidently navigate diverse road surfaces.

Electronics and Technology

In terms of electronics and technology, the Yamaha Tracer 700 is equipped with features that enhance both safety and convenience. The motorcycle comes with a comprehensive LCD instrument panel that provides essential information, including speed, gear position, fuel level, and more. Additionally, the Tracer 700 features selectable riding modes that adjust throttle response and traction control settings to match different riding conditions.

ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) is included as standard, providing enhanced braking performance and control. While the Tracer 700 may not be as technologically advanced as some high-end sport-touring models, its electronics package offers a well-rounded set of features that cater to the needs of a wide range of riders.

🏍️ Comfort and Ergonomics

Comfort is a key consideration for sport-touring motorcycles, and the Yamaha Tracer 700 doesn’t disappoint. The bike features an ergonomic riding position that strikes a balance between an upright stance for comfort and a slightly forward-leaning posture for sporty handling. The seat offers ample padding and support for both the rider and the passenger, making long-distance journeys more enjoyable.

The adjustable windscreen allows riders to tailor wind protection to their preferences, reducing fatigue during extended rides. The handlebars are positioned within easy reach, ensuring a relaxed and natural grip. Overall, the Tracer 700’s comfort-oriented design features contribute to a pleasant riding experience, whether you’re exploring city streets or embarking on a cross-country adventure.


Engine Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC, inline-twin
Displacement 689cc
Power Approx. 73 hp (54.3 kW)
Torque Approx. 50.2 lb-ft (68.0 Nm)
Transmission 6-speed gearbox
Frame Diamond-type steel
Suspension Telescopic front fork, Adjustable rear monoshock
Brakes Dual front disc brakes, Single rear disc brake
Wheels 17-inch alloy wheels
Seat Height 32.5 inches (825 mm)
Weight Approx. 196.2 lbs (89 kg)

How does the Yamaha Tracer 700 Ride?

The Yamaha Tracer 700 delivers a well-rounded riding experience that aligns with its sport-touring character. The responsive engine provides brisk acceleration and torquey power delivery, making it suitable for both urban commuting and spirited rides through winding roads. The motorcycle’s manageable weight and balanced handling ensure confidence-inspiring control, particularly in corners.

On highways, the Tracer 700 maintains a stable and composed demeanor, thanks to its adjustable windscreen and comfortable ergonomics. The suspension absorbs road imperfections effectively, offering a plush ride even over uneven surfaces. Whether you’re exploring city streets or embarking on a weekend getaway, the Tracer 700 delivers an engaging and enjoyable ride.


In conclusion, the Yamaha Tracer 700 stands as a versatile and capable sport-touring motorcycle that caters to a diverse range of riders. With its dynamic design, responsive engine, and well-engineered chassis, the Tracer 700 strikes a balance between sporty performance and touring comfort.

The motorcycle’s adjustable windscreen, comfortable ergonomics, and practical features make it an appealing option for riders who enjoy both spirited rides and long-distance journeys. While the electronics package isn’t as extensive as some premium sport-touring models, the Tracer 700 offers a well-rounded set of features that enhance safety and convenience.

Overall, the Yamaha Tracer 700’s ability to seamlessly transition between urban commuting and extended touring makes it a compelling choice for riders seeking a motorcycle that can excel in diverse riding scenarios. Whether you’re a commuter, an enthusiast, or a touring adventurer, the Tracer 700 has the versatility and performance to meet your demands and make every ride an enjoyable experience.

Score: 77/100

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