Review: Zero FX

Review: Zero FX

The Zero FX is a radical departure from traditional gasoline-powered dirt bikes. It’s a purely electric off-road machine designed for riders who crave the excitement of the trail without the noise and emissions. In this comprehensive review, we’ll dive deep into every aspect of the Zero FX, from its design and appearance to its engine and performance, chassis and handling, electronics and technology, comfort and ergonomics, and specifications. By the end of this review, you’ll understand why the Zero FX is making a significant impact in the world of electric dirt bikes.

Design and Appearance

The Zero FX carries a distinct, minimalist design that’s immediately eye-catching. Its sleek, industrial frame and bodywork are more sci-fi than traditional dirt bike. The FX’s lack of a traditional engine allows for a reduced, simplified frame that adds to its unique aesthetics. A bold color scheme and aggressive lines contribute to a bike that looks as fast and exciting as it rides. The build quality and attention to detail are commendable. The FX’s design is the perfect blend of futuristic and rugged, a true head-turner in the world of dirt bikes.

Engine and Performance

The standout feature of the Zero FX is its electric powertrain. This electric motor provides instant torque, which is one of the most exhilarating aspects of electric dirt bikes. The FX is available in different configurations, offering varying levels of power and range. Twist the throttle, and you’re greeted with silent but explosive acceleration. Whether you’re navigating steep hills or accelerating out of tight corners, the FX doesn’t disappoint. It’s a bike that captures the essence of off-road excitement without the associated noise or emissions.

Chassis and Handling

The Zero FX’s chassis and handling are crafted to meet the demands of off-road riding. Its lightweight frame contributes to nimble handling, while long-travel suspension and knobby tires ensure that rough trails are easily conquered. The bike’s stability and predictable handling inspire confidence when faced with challenging terrain. It’s a bike that’s truly at home in the dirt. For those transitioning from traditional gas-powered dirt bikes, the FX’s handling characteristics will feel surprisingly familiar.

Electronics and Technology

Zero Motorcycles have equipped the FX with an array of advanced electronic features. The FX benefits from Zero’s proprietary battery management system, which maximizes the use of the lithium-ion battery for optimal power delivery and range. The rider can choose from multiple riding modes, allowing for customization of the bike’s performance. Off-road enthusiasts can select modes that prioritize torque and control, while urban commuters can opt for energy-efficient settings. The FX also features regenerative braking, which recovers energy during deceleration and extends your riding range.

Comfort and Ergonomics

The FX’s ergonomics are designed for riders who expect comfort on long off-road excursions. The riding position is upright, providing a commanding view of the trail. The wide, supportive seat keeps you comfortable even on extended rides. The handlebars and foot pegs are well-positioned, ensuring control and agility. Ground clearance is sufficient to tackle obstacles with ease. While the FX is built for off-roading, it doesn’t sacrifice comfort for on-road transitions. With wind protection that’s acceptable for a dirt bike, it’s a machine designed for riders who enjoy both off-road escapades and short commutes.


Engine Z-Force 75-5 passively air-cooled, high efficiency, radial flux permanent magnet, brushless motor
Displacement Electric
Power (Approx) 27 to 46 hp
Torque (Approx) 78 to 106 lb-ft
Transmission Direct drive, single-speed
Frame Aircraft-grade aluminum
Suspension Showa 49 mm inverted forks (front), Showa shock with adjustable spring preload (rear)
Brakes Bosch Gen 9 ABS, Bosch Off-Road Mode (rear brake disabled), single front disc, single rear disc
Wheels  21-inch front, 18-inch rear
Seat Height 34.7 inches
Weight 247-289 lbs (Approx)

How does the Zero FX Ride?

Riding the Zero FX is an electrifying experience. The silence of the electric motor is replaced by immediate and abundant torque. The bike is remarkably lightweight and agile, making it a blast on the trail. The lack of engine noise allows you to connect with your surroundings in a unique way, hearing the crunch of gravel and the rustle of leaves as you ride. The FX’s customizable riding modes let you tailor your experience to your liking, offering adaptability whether you’re aggressively tackling steep climbs or conserving power on longer journeys. The bike’s off-road prowess is exhilarating, with excellent traction and handling.


The Zero FX is a trailblazer in the world of electric dirt bikes. It offers a new way to experience off-road excitement while championing sustainability. It’s an excellent choice for riders who want to leave behind the noise and emissions of traditional dirt bikes while still enjoying the thrill of the trail.

In summary, the Zero FX is electrifying the trail with its performance, design, and eco-conscious ethos. It’s a dirt bike that caters to both seasoned off-road enthusiasts and newcomers, offering an experience that’s silent but thrilling. Riding the FX allows you to connect with nature on a deeper level, and its agility and power make it a compelling option in the electric motorcycle world.

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