Review: Zero S

Review: Zero S

The Zero S is an electric motorcycle that defies traditional expectations. As one of the flagship models from Zero Motorcycles, it represents the brand’s commitment to producing high-performance electric bikes. In this comprehensive review, we will delve deep into every aspect of the Zero S. From its design and appearance to its engine and performance, electronics and technology, comfort and ergonomics, we’ll leave no stone unturned. By the end of this review, you’ll have a thorough understanding of what makes the Zero S a remarkable electric motorcycle.

Design and Appearance

The Zero S is visually striking, sporting a modern and minimalist design. Its bodywork is clean and purposeful, with a focus on aerodynamics and functionality. The electric powertrain allows for a unique design, with no need for a traditional gas tank or exhaust. The bike features a sharp, angular headlamp and a compact instrument panel that offers essential information without clutter. The quality of the materials and craftsmanship is evident, making it clear that this is a premium electric motorcycle. Overall, the Zero S’s design balances a futuristic aesthetic with practicality.

Engine and Performance

The beating heart of the Zero S is its electric motor. This motorcycle comes in various configurations, offering different levels of power and range. The motor provides instantaneous torque, which is a hallmark of electric bikes. Twist the throttle, and the power is delivered smoothly and silently. Whether you’re accelerating from a standstill or overtaking on the highway, the Zero S responds with impressive performance. Its acceleration is exhilarating, and it’s not uncommon for riders to be surprised by the sheer speed this electric bike can achieve.

Chassis and Handling

The Zero S is built around a lightweight aluminium frame that contributes to its agile and responsive handling. The motorcycle feels nimble in urban environments, making it an excellent choice for commuters. Its well-balanced chassis allows for easy maneuvering through traffic and sharp turns. The suspension setup, including the front and rear suspension, is designed to offer a comfortable ride. While the Zero S is certainly not a sportbike, it handles corners and curves with confidence and stability.

Electronics and Technology

Zero Motorcycles has equipped the Zero S with advanced electronic features. The centerpiece is the motorcycle’s battery management system, which optimizes the use of its lithium-ion battery. The dash-mounted display provides crucial information about battery life, range, and riding mode. Riders can choose from various riding modes, including eco-friendly options that prioritize energy conservation or sport modes for maximum performance. Furthermore, the bike features regenerative braking, which recovers energy during deceleration and extends range.

Comfort and Ergonomics

The Zero S is designed for comfortable riding. Its ergonomics place the rider in an upright and relaxed position, making it suitable for extended journeys. The wide, cushioned seat provides ample support, even during long rides. The foot pegs are well-positioned for optimal comfort. Riders of varying heights should find it easy to reach the ground, thanks to the low seat height. Additionally, wind protection is decent, reducing fatigue during highway rides.


Engine  Z-Force 75-10 motor
Displacement Electric
Power (Approx) 46 to 82 hp hp
Torque (Approx) 78 to 116 lb-ft
Transmission Direct drive, single-speed
Frame Aircraft-grade aluminum
Suspension Showa inverted forks (front), Showa shock with adjustable spring preload (rear)
Brakes Bosch Gen 9 ABS, dual discs (front), single disc (rear)
Wheels 17 inches
Seat Height 31.8 inches
Weight 313 to 419 lbs (Approx)

How does the Zero S Ride?

Riding the Zero S is a unique and thrilling experience. It’s incredibly quiet, with the absence of engine noise allowing you to hear the wind and your surroundings more clearly. The electric motor’s instant torque ensures swift acceleration, making it great for zipping through city traffic. The handling is smooth and responsive, and it’s easy to navigate tight spaces. The customizable riding modes provide versatility, letting you choose between conserving energy or unleashing the bike’s full power. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or new to motorcycles, the Zero S offers a friendly and confidence-inspiring ride.


The Zero S is a standout electric motorcycle that showcases the future of two-wheeled transportation. Its impressive performance, combined with zero emissions and minimal maintenance, makes it an appealing choice for eco-conscious riders. While the upfront cost may be higher than some traditional motorcycles, the savings on fuel and maintenance costs, along with the joy of riding, make it a compelling investment. The Zero S proves that electric motorcycles are not just a concept but a practical and exhilarating reality.

In conclusion, the Zero S is a well-crafted electric motorcycle that combines innovative technology with a user-friendly design. It offers an enjoyable and efficient riding experience for both urban commutes and longer journeys, all while contributing to a cleaner and quieter future of motorcycling

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