The Best Motorbike Disc Locks 2023

The Best Motorbike Disc Locks

Motorbike theft is not uncommon and I couldn’t imagine anything worse than coming back to ride your sweet baby only to find out that it’s not there. I wouldn’t want to see anyone have their bike taken away from them by some heartless bastards, that’s why it’s important to protect your motorcycle with a tough and trustworthy lock. We’ve nailed down the best motorbike disk locks that are available to buy.

Kryptonite Keeper 5s Yellow Disc Lock

This affordable disc lock from the very reputable Kryptonite brand is one tough little cookie. It’s small and lightweight but yet strong and durable with dual reinforced high security disc style cylinder. The Stapler style disc lock immobilizes vehicle to prevent roll-away or ride-away theft.


The Best Motorbike Disc Locks

Oxford Quartz XD6 High Security Motorcycle Disc Lock

Oxford is a name that is synomose with motorbike security (we thank you) and the brand is built on a solid reputation. The Oxford Quartz XD6 is a tough and durable disc lock that comes in a neat and stylish package. The lock is built with a twin spar lock chassis for double strength and outstanding cut resistance. Its alloy construction is hardened with a 6mm locking pin.

Urban Security UR6 Disc Lock

ThisAnti-theft disc lock coms with an 120dB alarm and warming to scare off those bastards. This reliable little lock is resistant to water, comes with a long-life lithium battery and a metallic body and ABS cover to make it lighter and easier to transport.

You also have the option to set the alarm on or just use it as a regular disc lock. It has also been giving the anti-corrosion treatment for a long life.

Kovix KAL Series Disc Lock with Alarm

As strong as they come, this hard motorcycle security devices provides high performance security for your two wheeled machine.  The Kovix lock comes equipped with a two attack point defense system, a mightily strong construction and a double locking pin system to maximise security protection.

It’s a little more than many disc locks but you get what you pay for with this brand and you can’t put a price on protecting your pride and joy!

The Best Motorbike Disc Locks

ABUS Detecto Brake Disc Lock x Plus 8008

If you’re riding a bike that’s worth a small fortune then you’ll want to provide it with some serious security just like this ABUS Detecto lock with a 6mm steel bolt, a 100db alarm and a

ABUS X-plus cylinder for excellent protection against tampering. The bolt and the elements are constructed from special hardened steel while the ABUS 3D detection alarm system means every movement is detected. A big and beautiful bike deserves a big and beautiful lock to match.

The Best Motorbike Disc Locks

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