Review: Triumph Bonneville T100

Triumph Bonneville T100 Review

Triumph Bonneville T100 Review: A Timeless Classic with Modern Refinement

The Triumph Bonneville T100 is a modern classic motorcycle that pays homage to its iconic namesake while incorporating contemporary features and engineering. Rooted in the rich heritage of the Triumph Bonneville series, the T100 captures the essence of the past while delivering a refined and enjoyable riding experience. With its timeless design, responsive performance, and comfortable ergonomics, the Bonneville T100 appeals to riders seeking a nostalgic yet modern ride. In this review, we’ll explore the key features, specifications, and why the Triumph Bonneville T100 remains a cherished classic among motorcycle enthusiasts.

🔥 Design and Appearance

The Triumph Bonneville T100’s design exudes classic charm with a touch of modern flair. Inspired by the 1960s Bonneville models, the T100 features elegant lines, a distinctive sculpted tank, and retro-inspired badges. The classic round headlamp, spoked wheels, and chrome accents hark back to the golden era of motorcycling, evoking a sense of nostalgia.

The T100’s timeless styling is complemented by a range of appealing color options, allowing riders to choose the one that best reflects their personality and taste.

⚙️ Engine and Performance

At the heart of the Bonneville T100 lies a peppy 900cc parallel-twin engine, which provides a perfect balance of power and efficiency. The engine delivers smooth and responsive performance, making it ideal for both city commuting and leisurely cruises.

With 54 horsepower and 80 Nm of torque, the Bonneville T100 has enough punch for spirited rides while remaining user-friendly for riders of all skill levels. The engine’s character is complemented by a refined exhaust note, reminiscent of the classic British twins of yesteryears.

🛞 Chassis and Handling

The Bonneville T100’s chassis is designed for comfortable and confident riding. The tubular steel cradle frame provides stability, while the well-balanced weight distribution contributes to agile handling. Whether maneuvering through city traffic or winding country roads, the T100 offers a composed and engaging riding experience.

The suspension consists of conventional telescopic forks at the front and twin shock absorbers with adjustable preload at the rear, ensuring a comfortable ride over various road surfaces.

🏍️ Comfort and Ergonomics

Triumph has carefully crafted the Bonneville T100’s ergonomics to prioritize rider comfort. The upright and neutral riding position allows for an easy reach to the handlebars and footpegs, reducing fatigue during long journeys.

The seat is well-padded and contoured to accommodate both the rider and the passenger, making it suitable for two-up riding. The classic bench-style seat adds to the vintage charm and offers ample space for comfort.


While the Bonneville T100 exudes a classic look, it doesn’t compromise on modern features. The motorcycle comes equipped with a host of modern technologies, including:

ABS (Anti-lock Braking System): The ABS ensures confident and controlled braking, enhancing rider safety in various road conditions.

Ride-by-Wire: The ride-by-wire system offers smooth and precise throttle response, contributing to the bike’s user-friendly nature.

Traction Control: The switchable traction control system helps prevent wheel slip and ensures optimal traction during acceleration.


Engine: 900cc, liquid-cooled, parallel-twin

Power: 54 hp @ 5,900 rpm

Torque: 80 Nm @ 3,230 rpm

Transmission: 5-speed

Suspension: Front – Conventional telescopic forks, Rear – Twin shock absorbers with adjustable preload

Brakes: Front – Single 310mm disc with Nissin 2-piston caliper, Rear – Single 255mm disc with Nissin 2-piston caliper

Electronics: ABS, Ride-by-Wire, Traction Control

Fuel Capacity: 14.5 liters

Seat Height: 790 mm

Weight: 213 kg (dry)

How does the Triumph Bonneville T100 Ride?

Riding a Triumph Bonneville T100 is like taking a nostalgic journey back in time while enjoying the best of modern motorcycling. From the moment you swing your leg over the bike and fire up the engine, you are enveloped in a sense of timeless charm and elegance that the Bonneville series is renowned for.

The first thing you notice when riding the Bonneville T100 is its classic design and vintage aesthetics. The elegant lines, sculpted tank, and retro-inspired badges evoke memories of a bygone era of motorcycling, harking back to the iconic Bonneville models of the past. The classic round headlamp and spoked wheels add to the vintage appeal, making every ride feel like a journey through history.

The Bonneville T100’s engine is a delightful blend of refined power and character. The 900cc parallel-twin engine delivers a smooth and responsive performance, effortlessly propelling you forward with a gentle rumble. The engine’s torquey nature provides ample low-end grunt, making urban riding and twisty country roads equally enjoyable. The exhaust note, reminiscent of classic British twins, adds to the charm and elevates the riding experience.

The Bonneville T100’s chassis and suspension are tuned for comfortable and agile handling. The bike feels balanced and nimble, allowing you to effortlessly weave through city traffic and confidently lean into corners on winding roads. Whether navigating busy streets or carving your way along scenic routes, the T100 offers a composed and enjoyable ride.

Every twist of the throttle and every curve of the road on the Bonneville T100 feels like paying homage to the rich heritage of the Bonneville series. The bike’s classic design and vintage aesthetics connect you to the riders of old, creating a sense of camaraderie and shared passion for motorcycling’s golden age.


The Triumph Bonneville T100 is a timeless classic that blends the allure of the past with modern refinement. With its iconic design, responsive engine, and comfortable ergonomics, the T100 captures the spirit of a bygone era while providing a delightful and enjoyable riding experience.

The bike’s approachable power and agile handling make it suitable for riders of all levels, from seasoned enthusiasts to newcomers seeking a taste of classic motorcycling. Triumph’s meticulous attention to detail, combined with modern technology, ensures that the Bonneville T100 remains a cherished classic for those who appreciate the charm of nostalgia and the convenience of the present. Whether cruising through city streets or embarking on scenic adventures, the Triumph Bonneville T100 is a true modern classic that embodies the essence of motorcycling’s golden age.

Score: 81/100

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